Residential Pick-Up Service Guidelines

Trash cans should be out by the roadway the night before your collection day. Trash cans not out when our driver arrives will not be our responsibility for collection.

Please keep all cans at least 5 feet apart from each other. Do not push cans up against each other. Keep cans at least 5 feet from any other obstructions (mailboxes, cars, trees, etc.) including other cans.

Trash cans should not be overfilled above the rim of the can. We are not responsible for spilled trash due to overfilled cans. Trash must be contained inside your provided can through Trinity. We will not collect any trash outside the trash can.

All trash must be bagged and in the trash can. We are not responsible for loose trash.

Any boxes put in the container must be torn apart. Do not stuff whole boxes in the trash can.

Absolutely NO wet paint, dirt, grass, rocks, mulch, concrete, bricks, construction debris, etc. inside the cans(s).