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Friendly Reminders

  • ALL trash must be bagged.
  • Have trash out by 6 a.m.
  • Will NOT pick-up on days with dangerous weather.
  • We work on all holidays throughout the year besides Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If a holiday pickup changes at any time we will inform each customer of a change ahead of time.
  • If payment is not made 24 hours prior to the second pick-up day, we reserve the right to suspend pending payment.
  • If you forget to pay we will send you a friendly e-mail or phone call.
  • We will not accept... furniture, vehicle parts (tires, batteries, etc.), used oil, metal, paint, large tree limbs, and construction debris. You are responsible for knowing what is acceptable to take to the landfill.
  • Thank you for choosing us! We appreciate your business and glad to be a service to you!

We will provide great value to our customers, and have appreciation for the relationships we establish with the people we serve.