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It’s been our honor to serve our community with dependable residential and small business service and affordable prices through the years. We truly enjoy our work and our customers. We don’t consider ourselves just trash disposal – we are in the service and people business.

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This locally owned company is dependable and easy to deal with.. It use them for my home and any commercial needs I encounter.. always on time and very affordable.. the owner will even step up and drive me out a construction dumpster after hours one time.. would recommend these guys to everyone in the N. Ga area!!!

Trent Jones

Absolutely the best! Sweetest people on earth and such amazing customer service!

Jennifer Gazaway Daniels

We live off Cherokee Valley road and went thru the 2011 tornado. Our previous garbage service was unable to get in the area because the roads were blocked, so our garbage piled up for weeks. I remember Trinity Disposal coming thru and offered to take all of mine and my neighbor’s garbage off for free… they said they wanted to do something to help us. I never forgot that act of kindness, and shortly after that we made the switch to Trinity. Most of my neighbors have also switched to Trinity. It was the best decision I made. Great company, great customer service, and outstanding service!

Phillip W. Rodgers

We will provide great value to our customers, and have appreciation for the relationships we establish with the people we serve.